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BullandBearWise has been operating continuously since 2002. In addition to the valuable BullandBearWise Index, BullandBearWise brought you unprecedented insight into Federal Reserve operations and the true NASDAQ P/E ratio.

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About BullandBearWise

BullandBearWise brings together all the key economic and financial indicators under one website using easy-to-compare rolling 5-year charts. No longer is it necessary to spend precious time visiting various financial portals or government agencies to get a complete picture of the American economy.

BullandBearWise ends the frustration of finding a great economic chart only to realize the chart hasn’t been updated in months. The charts on BullandBearWise are generated from Microsoft Access databases that are updated daily, as economic statistics are released.

To further help put all this information in perspective, the BullandBearWise Index ranks the importance of 32 economic and financial indicators and assigns them a status of “Bullish” or “Bearish.” The resulting BullandBearWise Index is a unique combination of fundamental underlying economic data combined with key financial and market price indexes. Click here to view the Index’s history for the past five years.

BullandBearWise also parses Federal Reserve web pages to better represent Federal Reserve activity in an easy-to-understand graphic format:
Daily chart showing the last 30 days of Federal Open Market Operations activity.
Daily chart showing the last 30 days of Federal Open Market Operations balances. Since there are repos maturing everyday, this chart uniquely shows the net repos outstanding and is better representative of how the Fed is adding to or draining from the reserve system.
Daily chart showing the last 30 days securities lending and permanent ops activity.
Weekly chart showing the last year of System Open Market Account (SOMA) balances, including the ratio of SOMA holdings to M3, thus indicating the Fed’s appetite for longer-maturity bonds.
Weekly chart showing five years of money supply (M1, M2, M3) rate of change.

Several additional menus are available from the BullandBearWise home page:
U.S. Debt contains charts summarizing the extent and nature of U.S. debt.
At Issue contains various charts reflecting controversial economic data.
Astro Forecast attempts to correlate the position of the outer planets to S&P 500 data.
StockPicks show select stocks hitting 52-week highs with P/E’s below 25.

BullandBearWise was built and is maintained by Siegfried “Peter” Duray-Bito, a 20-year veteran of the securities industry.




BullandBearWise.com is operated solely by myself, Siegfried "Peter" Duray-Bito. Your generous donation helps me devote the necessary time to gather data from many diverse sources and maintain accurate, up-to-date charts and other information. I am constantly studying all economic indicators and financial markets looking for better ways to present information. With your help (and suggestions), I can continue to bring insight and wisdom to your investment decisions.

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